Our Mission & Vision

To work for the well being and happiness of each & everybody, thereby to help preserve the environment for the generation to come. We at Nova Indus Pharmaceutical are committed to quality and ethics. Our vision is to be present over the international market as a leading healthcare company.

Goal & Objective

Our goal is to hold the company in high esteem by placing it among the first 100 pharamceutical companies. Also we aim to offer & redefine career opportunities for the our youth.


We believe in supplying good quality products to our clients as well as our consumers as our company aims at Consumer Satisfaction



Our chief motivation is our consumers and the clients. Their concrete support and continuos help will make both of us grow and achieve a coveted height.



BODY BALANCE (Multivitamin for Females 18 Years & above)
BODY BALANCE (Multivitamin for Males 18 Years & above)
HEALTH BALANCE (Multivitamins for Men & Women)

Our Products