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Welcome to Apex Formulations Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to the visionary realm of Apex Formulations Pvt. Ltd., a beacon of pharmaceutical excellence established in 1998 by seasoned professionals. Embarking on a journey of innovation and commitment, we secured Drug Manufacturing Licenses in accordance with the revered Revised Schedule “M” and G.M.P. standards, endorsed by the Drug Authorities of Gujarat State, India. Our unwavering dedication to quality is underscored by the prestigious WHO-GMP and ISO 9001:2015 certifications, setting our products on par with international standards.

Nestled in the pristine environs of Rajpur village, 40 kilometers from Ahmedabad in Gujarat, our state-of-the-art facility is a testament to our adherence to cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) specified by the World Health Organization and evolving industry guidelines.

With a diverse portfolio of over 250 registered products spanning the global pharmaceutical landscape, Apex Formulations is not just a manufacturer; it is a lifeline, improving lives with every dose. Our competitive pricing reflects a commitment to accessibility without compromising quality.

At the heart of our success lies a customer-centric ethos, where our responsive customer service continually evolves to meet your needs. The extensive inventory we maintain ensures heightened service levels, underlining our commitment to prompt deliveries.

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Our Foundation

The strategic vision of Apex Formulations pivots on a foundation encapsulated in Our Credo—an unwavering guide steering us through challenges and opportunities. By caring for individuals one at a time, we contribute to a world where lives are lived longer, healthier, and happier.

Our Strategic Principles

Our strategic principles are an intricate tapestry, weaving together a broad-based presence in healthcare, a focus on long-term management, and a decentralized approach that values and nurtures our people's development. This unique culture sets us apart, fostering innovation and excellence.

Our Growth Drivers

In the dynamic landscape of pharmaceuticals, our growth drivers propel us forward. Innovation, global reach with local focus, and a commitment to excellence are the cornerstones of our future. Guided by the Leadership Imperatives—Connect, Shape, Lead, and Deliver—we envision not just success, but enduring leadership.

People and Values

People and values form the bedrock of our strength and resilience. The character of our team, driven by passion, innovation, and entrepreneurship, ensures we surpass customer expectations. Our shared values, enshrined in Our Credo, attract and retain the most talented, values-driven individuals, creating a formidable force for positive change.

At Apex Formulations, we don't just manufacture medicines; we craft a legacy of care, innovation, and leadership. Count on us to be not just a recognized leader today, but a visionary force shaping the future of pharmaceuticals globally.